Back in the 17th century, René Descartes coined the phrase " I think therefore I am" (cogito ergo sum). This statement reduces consciousness to the processing of concepts exclusively via the faculty of reason; the domain of man as the highest animal.

Much more inclusive is the phrase "I perceive therefore I am (sentio ego sum). I am not decided yet as to whether to give Bertrand Russell the credit. This is more inclusive as it accounts for the lower animals that are limited to processing percepts and sensations through their senses. The scientific jury is still out on Whether these animals can also process concepts or in fact even have a faculty of reason.

This morning, I awoke with the statement "I love therefore I am" (amo ego sum), ricocheting within my mind. This phrase of course is popular as a simple google search would reveal. My point however is that despite its corny potential to inspire "rolling of the eyes", in my opinion it is far more profound than the preceding phrases.

Love (actually) as I have written before is fundamentally a drive to survive and be survived by. A good friend of mine Shabaka (, once said to me that "love is to the spiritual world as gravity is to the material". " I love, therefore I am" extends the definition of life itself beyond man and the lower animals to plants, microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria and even entities at the quantum level such as neurons and cells.