Dear friends, Sierra Leoneons, Country Men,
I have been involved with altruistic activities within our community dating back as far as the 1980's when I was the Chairman and founder of the London, UK based Sierra Leone Education Association. In the early 1990's I was the founder and chairman of the Sierra Leone Development Foundation; an organization responsible for raising almost $30,000.00 to build toilets and provide water supply for the Kroo Bay community in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
More recently, I was the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Network, a US based organization which has spawned Sierra Leone members of parliament, cabinet ministers and well known altruistic activists. In 2009, I founded and was the interim chairman of the Sierra Leone Council of Representatives (SALCORE).
In the past, most of my efforts were within the framework of what you might call democratic member based associations. For a variety of personal reasons and after a 2 year hiatus from community involvement, I have decided to launch the John Trust, a philanthropic organization. We will start small, awarding a small number of grants of $250, $500 to noteworthy 501(c) registered charities in the US that meet our objectives for development in Sierra Leone. Our preference will initially be for projects based outside of Freetown, the capital city.
In addition to a small number of grants for the year 2013, we will also offer the following mentoring services:
  1. 501(c) 3 registration
  2. Information Technology (Websites, E-commerce)
Later, hopefully in 2014 we will also offer an Architecture and Building advisory service.
Initially for IT projects, we will offer free counseling on web site development and architecture to registered charities with no employees. While we will not do the actual development of web sites we will manage a development team that we recommend or you appoint to meet your objectives.
If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on